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    Cranford Business Park is located on south Avenue in Cranford, NJ. Cranford Business Park is a ""multiple space property for lease"" with over 250,000 sq/ft available for leasing. The building is an industrial type of building, built in 1950. There are several existing businesses currently located in Cranford Business Park. Types of businesses include physical therapy, a gym with independent personal trainers, logistics and shipping, and even DYFS. This space is perfect for office/medical use.


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    Cranford’s One of a Kind Winery


    The town of Cranford is a progressive town in Union County that has a great standard of living for families. Almost all basic needs and amenities you can find. A large market is an available downtown, parks are almost everywhere, and food can be bought anywhere you go. For sure you will get added weight because of all the food available. Don’t worry because you can get in shape with tone body fitness in Cranford. Cranford has Tone Body Fitness, a company specializing in one-on-one personal training who want to get started working out in the gym. Tone Body Fitness personal training fitness services will teach you on how to do things properly, so you don’t get hurt. To have your training more effective, you can work with Zack Miller on your fitness goals. He will be available to you once a week if you just live in Cranford.


    While you get a great workout with Zack, you might plan to have some good time and relaxation. But what else can you do? There is a place where the finest wines exist at the heart of downtown Cranford. Within Dreyer Farms market at Springfield, Tomasello Winery serves top quality wines crafted from the most exquisite ingredients. The winery produces over 40 wines, and some have been award-winning. You will be experiencing the classics like Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay to rarities like Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. Going to Tomasello winery can give you a tasting of up to five wines. They can also provide you with recipes and mixes of wines.

    Remember not to overdrink but also maintain a healthy life with diet and exercise. Start toning up with a personal trainer for the best results. Get in touch with Tone Body Fitness now and start a free trial training session. Or you can avail of the online coaching at https://www.tonebodyfit.com/personal-training if you have already experienced training. 


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